Prayer List

PRAYER REQUESTS – July 12th, 2016


Note: Please keep in mind that we get prayer requests through email and phone calls (many are from friends and              family). Many of these people only want their first name added to the list. Whenever an EAG person is added to the list we try to include their last name, unless they request not to do so.


1.  Kenny Seibert(Diane Nagle’s cousin) - Scheduled to go to Detox Center Sun. 7/17 for 4-5 days, then to 90 day half-way house. Continue praying for strength,  guidance and encouragement.

2.  Jim Weiss – (Marj’s brother-in-law) back in the hospital.  He has vertigo & confusion.  They found him to be high in calcium so are pumping fluids into him. Pray for healing & for wisdom for the doctors.

3.  Otis Jones – Having problems breathing. Pray for complete healing.

4.  Annetta Oswald – (Diane Nagle’s mom) - broke her little toe. Pray for her recovery.

5.  Anna Foehrkolb – at LVH – pray for God’s healing touch

6.  Walter Hislop – fell & hurt his neck.   Pray for a quick recovery.

7.  Diane Tagliavia – recovering from knee replacement surgery.

8.  Royce & Dorrine Engler – They have lost both of their adult children in the past three years.  Pray for God’s healing comfort.  Also pray for Kelly and her husband Josh as they minister to the Englers

9.  Daniel Migliore – Continuing to have problems with tonsils.

10.The Russian church –Pray that Mr. Putin does NOT sign a bill against terrorism & extremism.  It would severely retrict religious freedom, more than ever before.

1.  Barry Fisher – at Phoebe home recovering from surgery; pray for complete and quick recovery.

2.  Vanessa Fisher – antibiotics causing problems; eye is badly swollen - complete healing.  Also pray for wisdom for the doctors. 

3.  Jean Adam (Colette Danner’s sister) – God’s guidance in er life.

4.  Anne Drovich – severe ankle pain. 

5.  Carolyn (Jim & Judy Bowers’ daughter) - broken ankle, bruised knee which has become infected, as well as, hives.  Pray for complete healing & for Jim & Judy as they help her.

6.  Billy Ayure – (Ellie Coyne’s grandson) – complete healing; he has mono. 

7.  Christine McNamara – had knee replacement surgery. Pray for complete healing

8.  John Wise -  Pray for complete healing; having lower back pain.

9.  Helen – (friend of Ellie Coyne) – complete healing.

10.Jackie Frack – pray for healing and for God’s will regarding apartment.

11.Sharon Fisher – strength and encouragement.

12.Ralph Smith – complete healing; having lots of back pain.

13.Ellie Coyne – pain in left knee. Pray for complete healing.

14.Christopher – (request of Mary Ann Morris) large tumor in lung - pray for healing & the Holy Spirit to reveal his need of a Savior.  


Continue praying for strength, comfort and encouragement for the followihg families


Danner Family, Watters  Family, Redding Family, Family of Patricia Brown




Continue praying for full recovery for the following: John & Shirley Hermanovich, Wes & Joyce Andrews, Kenny Seibert, Michelle Shoemaker, Veronica, Glenn & Patricia Prude, Margaret Urland, Aleyamma Chacko, Diane Nagle, Pat D., Theresa Dorward, Joe Dravecz, Vicki Steckel, Steve Allen, Larry Shoemaker, Walter & Ena Hislop, Ruth White, Bill Hartman, Diane Gessner, Melody Willis, Bruce Blanchard, David Hensinger, Jared Miller, Ed & Torrey Lilenthal, Carl Derr Sr., Jim & Judy Bower, Milcent Neal, Diane Ganssle, Pearl Ward, Betty Ritter, Nan Mackenzie, Linda Dursi, Jackie Frack, Pastor & Nettie Reitzel, Bernie Diehl, Joy & Bruce Blanchard, Deanna Urland, Lorraine Falcone, Donna B., Ruth Schwartz, Lawson Heckman.                    Updated 7/12/16