Sunday School



Classes meet every Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:20. Classes are in the Beisel center unless otherwise indicated.




Nursery – Care is available for infants up to, and including, two year olds. They are cared for in the nursery, in the lower level of the Church.


Pre-schoolCurrent units include:1) Samuel and Solomon-Through stories about the tabernacle and temple, kids will understand how the church is a special place to worship and listen to God. 2) Daniel and Esther - Kids will discover how to obey and be brave like Daniel and Esther. 3) Peter and Paul - Kids will be challenged to believe for God’s miracles today as they hear stories about how God protected Peter and Paul and used them in ministry.


 Middler – grades 1 through 4 – Current units include: 1) Jesus Heals - Because Jesus healed others, kids will discover He still has the power to heal today. 2) God Is Our Source - Through Esther, Jeremiah, and others, kids will discover that following God, the Source, helps to bring them guidance, courage, faith, wisdom, and love. 


3) Gratitude - Kids will see the relationship of receiving gifts and experiencing God’s love for them. They will learn about Jehoshaphat and others who were grateful. 






Young Teen – grades 5- 8- Current units include: 1) Making the Grade - Students will discover how to make the most of everyday learning opportunities as they strive to be on God’s honor roll. 2) Reach Out - Students will be challenged to reach out to others by telling their stories and clearly communicating Christ’s message. 


3) Costly Conversations - Through Hannah’s prayer and by contrasting Samuel and Saul, students will see the blessing of obeying God’s voice and the curses of pride. 


High School – grades 9-12- This class meets in the lower level of the chapel. Current units include: 1) Paul and Barnabas: Men on a Mission - Teens will examine the topics of salvation, God’s call, and life in God’s family through studying Paul and Barnabas. 2) Revival - Consider the church’s need for revival, how to prepare for it, how to recognize it, and how to sustain the vitality it brings. 3) Disarming the Devil: Spiritual Warfare - Through biblical study of spiritual warfare, you will enable teens to identify and respond to spiritual allies and enemies. 






College and Career/Young Adults Class- We will be doing Dr. George Wood's "Living in the Spirit". This is a great lesson series on the gifts if the spirit and their proper usage in our everyday lives.  Join us on Sunday mornings to learn about the wonderful gifts God has for us.  Bring your Bible and enjoy a lively discussion.


Truth Seekers’ class– This class followers the seven year cycle for studying through the Bible. Current units include: 1)Great Stories of the Bible - Your students will explore some of the great stories of biblical characters like Joseph, Abigail, and John the Baptist. Their stories will challenge students to live for God and serve Him. 
2) Parables of Jesus: Stories Jesus Told - Jesus told stories about everyday things to communicate spiritual truths. Students will learn more about what it means to live as citizens of God’s kingdom through these studies. On Target class– We are continuing to study the book The Greatest Words Ever Spoken by Steven K Scott. This book is packed with every word Jesus spoke and grouped by topic. We pray that this study will lead us to a deeper relationship with Christ. Come join in this very interesting and informative discussion.


TLC (Truly Loving Jesus) class– We share praises, pray for one another, and learn what God’s Word has to say about how to live the Christian life. We have begun a series on the book of Philippians, the Epistle of Joy. The class is not simply a lecture but an interactive class of expository teaching. Bring your Bible & come join in the discussion!!


His Followers– This class is studying the Joyce Meyer’s book, “Change your Words, Change Your Life”. Have you ever thought how you would go about changing your life? Not all of your life, but certain areas. If you could change a small part of your life for the better, would you feel more fulfilled, more successful, more grateful and more joyous? Come and join us. We are sure you will be blessed by God, and we will be equally blessed by your presence. Bring your Bible, your questions, your thoughts and join us for a very fast 45 minutes.